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Independent review into breast screening

In 2011, an independent research project, part funded by Cancer Research UK, set out to uncover how effective the NHS Breast Screening Programme is at saving lives. The findings of this project were published in October, 2012. The report concludes that the UK breast screening programme confers significant benefit and should continue. Full details of the review and its findings can be found here.


Pioneering study at Charing Cross Hospital

A new clinical research study is currently taking place in the breast screening assessment clinic at Charing Cross Hospital.

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Breast screening age extension trial

A new leaflet has recently been published about the breast screening age extension trial that is currently taking place.

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Informed Choice about Cancer Screening

Informed Choice about Cancer Screening has developed a new approach to information about cancer screening in England. It aims to provide people with what they need to make their own decision about whether or not to have cancer screening.

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Independent review into breast screening

In October 2012, an independent review into the effectiveness of the NHS Breast Screening Programme published its findings.

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