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Pioneering study running at Charing Cross Hospital

A pioneering new clinical study is currently taking place at Charing Cross Hospital, London. The study, funded by Cancer Research UK and co-led by Professor Jacqui Shaw at the University of Leicester and Professor Charles Coombes at Imperial College London, hopes to develop a simple blood test that could one day be a more accurate way to detect the very early signs of breast cancer.

Our researchers are looking at changes in the blood (biomarkers) to see if these relate to a range of diseases in the breast. If they can identify a pattern of change in these biomarkers, this information may be used to develop a simple blood test which could potentially be used by local GPs to screen for the early signs of breast cancer.

Professor Charles Coombes said: “This type of translational science is extremely promising and the international scientific community is collaborating on its development. When a woman has breast cancer we can tell by the DNA in her blood. What we’re trying to find out in our study is how early the signs of breast cancer show up in a blood test. By looking at blood samples of women who have breast cancer diagnosed through screening, we can see if the cancer is already showing in their blood.

Researchers will take blood samples from women attending the breast screening clinic and compare the DNA in the blood of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer with those that do not have cancer to see what DNA markers are consistent.

If you attend the breast screening assessment clinic at Charing Cross Hospital, a member of the breast research team may ask if you would like to take part in the study. You would be provided with more information and given time to make an informed decision. Your participation in any study is always voluntary and your decision to participate or not will not affect your care during your visit to the hospital.

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Pioneering study at Charing Cross Hospital

A new clinical research study is currently taking place in the breast screening assessment clinic at Charing Cross Hospital.

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Breast screening age extension trial

A new leaflet has recently been published about the breast screening age extension trial that is currently taking place.

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Informed Choice about Cancer Screening

Informed Choice about Cancer Screening has developed a new approach to information about cancer screening in England. It aims to provide people with what they need to make their own decision about whether or not to have cancer screening.

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Independent review into breast screening

In October 2012, an independent review into the effectiveness of the NHS Breast Screening Programme published its findings.

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