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Screening appointments

If you are between 50 and 70 years old and are registered with a GP, you will receive a breast screening appointment once every three years. A resarch study is currently taking place across England that is looking at the potential risks and benefits of extending breast screening to women who are aged 47-49 and 71-73. This means that half of the women in these age groups are being randomly selected and invited for screening. Women in these age groups not invited can ask to be screened. For more information see Who we screen.

You do not have to contact us to make an appointment; we will ensure that you receive your invitation at the appropriate time. However, if it has been over three years since your last breast screen, please contact us to arrange an appointment. See When we screen to find out if women from your GP practice are due to be invited soon.

Women over 70 who have not been invited for screening are encouraged to contact the service every three years to make an appointment. Please note that you are not able to request a breast screening appointment if you are under the age of 50.

We have five different screening units across west London and all offer a range of appointment dates and times, including Saturdays. When you receive your invitation letter you will see that we have allocated you a specific screening location (usually the clinic that is closest to your GP practice), appointment date and time. If this is not convenient, please call us on 0203 758 2024 (lines open 8.00am – 8.00pm)or email us at to arrange an alternative appointment, giving us as much notice as possible.

Demand for breast screening is high. If you will not be attending your appointment, please let us know as soon as you can so that we can offer it to someone else.

If you will need the help of an interpreter during your appointment, please contact us. You very are welcome to bring a friend or family member to the appointment to translate for you.


Pioneering study at Charing Cross Hospital

A new clinical research study is currently taking place in the breast screening assessment clinic at Charing Cross Hospital.

Click here for details

Breast screening age extension trial

A new leaflet has recently been published about the breast screening age extension trial that is currently taking place.

Click here to download the leaflet

Informed Choice about Cancer Screening

Informed Choice about Cancer Screening has developed a new approach to information about cancer screening in England. It aims to provide people with what they need to make their own decision about whether or not to have cancer screening.

For more information click here.

Independent review into breast screening

In October 2012, an independent review into the effectiveness of the NHS Breast Screening Programme published its findings.

Find out more here

Click here for old news.

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